Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Stupid Human Tricks


  1. Am not in the army so I don't really get it. Is he whacking on reactive armor bricks?

  2. what's really sad is that this was done to one of our new privates at his first AT. we(me) gave him a hammer and a piece of chalk and told him that "plink,plink" is good but "plonk, plonk" is bad.
    then we went to the PX.
    we came back 40 mikes later and that damned 113 looked like crackheads had been playing tic-tac-toe for three days!!

  3. Got to love PVT. What is always better is getting an butter bar.

    I like sending them for blinker fluid. Then call ahead and let the Supply Sgt know he is on his way.

    Or giving them a trash bag to get an Exhaust sample or air bags for the 1114's are always a good ones.

  4. Chem-light batteries, a box of grid squares, and frequency grease for the antennas are good ones, too. Make sure they fill out their ID10T forms!