Monday, August 9, 2010


To all my brothers and sisters on the front lines, I've got something to say to you ...

First, have faith in what you’re doing. Your leadership, both military and civil, may be incompetent sometimes. The people you’re fighting for may seem to hate you. Your country may lose faith in your mission. Just remember this. Competence...... doesn’t stand out; it just continues to do its job. Ignorance and hatred is one of the bitterest crops, and the hardest to eradicate, but you are the only ones in history who may be able to succeed. Your countrymen love you, and the quite majority has faith in what you’re doing and support you 100%.

It won’t be easy. Mistakes have been made. They’ll continue to be made. There is a lot that needs to be done to win in Afghanistan, but it can be done. Remember how everyone was screaming that the war in Iraq was lost? You won that war, at a terrible cost, but it is still a victory.

Second, learn from the mistakes. Come home and use your experience to train future soldiers. Leave the military and use your benefits to become educated, so mistakes don’t happen again. Run for office. Become a CEO. Put yourself into positions of leadership and power so the United States can be the country we want it to be.

America is facing some grave challenges, both at home and abroad. Win this war, and come home and win another one. It can be done, but YOU have to step up and do it.

Why you? Because you are the best. The infantryman who kills terrorists. The medics who brings healing to dirt poor villages. The mechanics that keep the trucks rolling. The pilots who watch from the skies. All of you, from the scared Private to the professional General, are Americas best, and if you lose faith, who will step in to fill your boots?

They need you now, and we will need you soon. Do your job, stay safe, believe in the mission, and come home to lead our country.

~ SFC H.

Monday Morning

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Navy & Marines, Part II

This is part of an ongoing battle with a group of Marines who were attempting to shut my webpage down after my first Navy & Marines cartoon! It will be the last for a while though.