Sunday, March 23, 2008

To all the (female) pilots out there


  1. Perhaps this is an updated version of my mother, who joined the Navy in 1942 with machinist experience from the family business, and was running airframe maintenance school at Pensacola by the end of the war. While she tried to go to school on the GI bill, and become a shop teacher, they wouldn't let women do it. So, she would up getting a master's in social work. When the Korean War broke out and they were recalling individual reservists, she was (I've never heard of this before) involuntarily direct commissioned 1LT USAR, as a psychotherapist. She liked the Reserve so stayed in. Every summer, they'd go to Fort Drum, and the 322nd General Hospital would challenge some combat unit to a shooting contest. Then, they'd bring out their champion, a female MSC major that wouldn't meet current fitness standards. The infantry would triple her bets. Afterwards, she'd be annoyed by how far off a possible she'd get. Never had the time to go for national competition.

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